Oil Seal UK

For Classic Vehicle Oil Seals

Products Supplied

Our aim is to supply as many different types of oil seal for classic vehicles as possible. We use Payen part numbers as they cover the majority of vehicles that have been available in Great Britain.

Oil seals are also known as rotary shaft seals. They are designed to keep the oil or grease in and dirt out.

Applications vary from vehicle to vehicle but typical applications include:-

We do not supply brake rubber seals.

We have many thousands of seals in stock for:-

Our stocks cover the period 1920 - 1980. We have reference catalogues for all the types of vehicle indicated above.

Seal Profiles

Seals have many profiles as these drawings show the two types with internal and external sealing lips. In addition there are seals that have a special profile depanding on the application.

Payen used the designators shown in the drawings.